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The natural way of raising your dog
with the Roedel Method

For everyone who wants more
with their dog, and is interested
in all subtle details of social
dog behaviour!
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The Roedel Method, different and unique, raising your dog with learning processes that are
natural to and recognisable for your dog!

As a pup, dogs learn from other dogs how to behave as a dog. It is because of this that they are able to communicate with each other. Pups learn this thanks to the process of social learning.

During this process of social learning, every dog learns the dog language; the language of scent, body language with all of its gestures, all dog codes and manners!


Human language and dog language are two completely different languages. Thanks to the process of social learning, dogs can communicate with each other in their own dog language. They understand each other very quickly. Humans train and raise their dog in order to be able to communicate with them, to learn to understand him. In this process, rewarding desirable dog behaviour seems to be self evident.

Dogs raise each other and ‘talk’ to each other, but they never reward each other. Have you ever seen a dog giving another dog a treat?

If dogs can learn so much from other dogs without treats, is it fair of us to continue to state that dogs are opportunists, and that we can only motivate them with food and treats?

Dogs also talk with humans in their own subtle and extensive scent and body language. For us humans, this is an unknown language. Humans and dogs often don’t ‘understand’ each other, which can unintentionally cause ‘behavioural problems’!

Can a dog ‘understand’ us if we reward him with a treat in our own human way, in order to ratify the dogs behaviour positively? Or can we, as humans, learn to reward desirable behaviour in a different way, understandable and natural to the dog?

Raising and training your dog the natural way with the Roedel Method,
means learning to understand and ‘speak’ the dog language in a way
that every dog knows and recognises.

without un-doglike rewards,
without punishments,
without physical force,
without superfluous use of the voice!

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